Wednesday, February 25, 2015

2014-2015 Winter Contest

8PM UPDATE...  Two things have changed this evening.  Thanks to the WeatherNinja for checking my numbers.  I was off a little.  Also, the NWS updated the snow total in Little Rock from .9 to 1.6'' today.  This means the total is 21.7'' and Bob Harmon guessed 21.6''.  He is the front runner now at this point.  HOWEVER, that can still change.  The NWS could update snow totals today OR we could have a little more snow between now and the end of the month.   STAY TUNED, THIS IS GOING DOWN TO THE WIRE.


I don't think our snow forecast could have worked out any better.  We knew there would be an incredibly sharp cut off to the snow somewhere around the metro.  I got 1'' in west Little Rock, North Little Rock got a trace,  and Conway 0.  Meanwhile Benton received between 2-3 inches.  The largest snowfall amounts I can find were in Rison, Fordyce, and Pine Bluff at 6''.

Just a few weeks ago, it looked like we might not have a winner this winter, but now we will.  The preliminary total between Little Rock, North Little Rock, Pine Bluff, and Harrison is 19.7 inches.

Again, this is preliminary and can change.  We can still get a little snow at Harrison through the 28th and that can change the whole contest!

As of the 25th, WE HAVE A TIE!  Remember, we play using the "Price Is Right" rules.  Whoever is closest without going over wins.  Both Brandon Ryan and Chris Crank guessed 19.6''.

Now we go to the tie breaker... add up the low temperatures at LR and NLR combined December through February.  If it comes down to that, Chris Crank wins.  He guessed 5307 and Brandon Ryan guessed 7112.  The actual through the 24th is 5618.

I'm going to have the "WeatherNinja" double check my numbers so once again, the numbers above are not official yet.

Little Rock 4.4''
North Little Rock 3.6''
Pine Bluff 6''
Harrison 5.7''

Yep, Pine Bluff has had more snow during meteorological winter than Harrison!  Never say never to Arkansas weather.

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