Saturday, February 28, 2015

Marching Into More Wild Weather


5:50PM Saturday Update... We still have snow and sleet coming down in Harrison and we will not know who won until sometime Sunday.  However, as of late Saturday afternoon, Harrison is now up to 8.5'' since December 1st.  This means the 4 city total is now 24.5'', but will change.  It's worth noting Erica Nazer did predict exactly 24.5''.  We'll see what happens. 

WINTER WEATHER CONTEST POST FROM SATURDAY MORNING. "It's going down to the wire this year.  Who will win the Arkansas Weather Blog winter contest.  The grand prize is a professional home weather station from Davis instruments.

As of early Saturday morning, more snow has fallen at Harrison with a preliminary total of 22.5 inches.  More possible through midnight so this can still change.

As I write this at 8AM Saturday, Angel Holloway would win, BUT more snow possible."

Saturday February 28th, 2015 afternoon blog post....

Next week could be one of those weeks we remember for a long, long time, IF THE MODELS ARE CORRECT!

There are signs winter will give a punch right in the gut Wednesday after several hours of spring-like temperatures and thunderstorms Tuesday.  It could be a wild ride to say the least.

This is Saturday and it's several days away so forecasting specifics would be useless.  While the data agrees winter will return again with a punch, thing can always change (my usual disclaimer). 

After a round of storms Tuesday, the arctic air comes roaring back with a strong wave of low pressure moving along the front as it is situated to the south.  Where that storm tracks, the depth of the cold air, and the precip types all are yet to be determined.  This video goes over the data and the possibilities.  Remember, what I show you is not a forecast, just model data.  Enjoy.

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jimmylee42 said...

Todd-As a weather historian I will be looking to see if those very interesting models verify. If they do or even give us any measureable snowfall,we will see for the first time since 1890-1891 two Marches in a row with measureable snowfall at NWS in Little Rock.

NOAA Winter Guidance