Thursday, February 19, 2015

No Rest For The Weary. More Winter Weather

6:55PM Thursday Update... below you will see the SCHOOL:CON index made late Thursday.  I want to explain to everyone that this will NOT be like last Sunday night/Monday.  Amounts will be much lighter.  With the very cold air in place and a cold ground, light ice will cause travel concerns.  Temperatures will warm above freezing throughout the day from southwest to northeast changing any ice to plain, cold rain.  

SCHOOL:CON made late Thursday
KATV forecast made by Meteorologist Barry Brandt.  Notice it changes to rain for most of the state, except the far northeast.  They should eventually change, but it will happen much later Friday.


I hope everyone likes these video blogs.  I think they allow me to go into more detail with these winter weather events.  I will continue to write blogs as well, but I like this format with this wild winter weather we're having.

For those in the winter weather contest, good news!  It looks like we will have a winner this season.  Who?  We just don't know yet.  The contest ends at midnight on February 28th (March 1st).  To see the numbers, click in the navigation bar above.

Much of the state is under a "winter storm watch".  I feel most of this will be converted to a "winter weather advisory" and I explain in this video.

Also, we have thunderstorms in the forecast Saturday, then more winter weather chances.  Social media is buzzing about another winter weather potential late next week and I go into that in the video.  Lots of interesting weather over at least the next week.  Enjoy this detailed video.


Anonymous said...

While we enjoy the video blogs, it is nice to have everything written out if we do not have the time to listen to the blog. Thank you for all that you do to keep us in the 'weather loop'.

Anonymous said...

You are so funny! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I agree! If you work in an open-office setting, it's not always feasible to watch a video.

Anonymous said...

Video is great, but I generally watch/listen on my phone. If you could link the hi-res maps in the body, that would be great.

fin bug said...

signal is bad here....How much did the graph say we were going to get, it was to blurry to read here. Thx Todd

Anonymous said...

I love your vlogs! Every time bad weather rolls around, your website is the first (and only) I rely on.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for whatever information you share. But sometimes I can't always watch a video for time or setting, and occasionally limited bandwidth.

Anonymous said...

When will the rain arrive in Northwest Arkansas. I am hearing after 5PM. Would you agree? Please post an updated blog soon. Thanks!

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