Sunday, February 15, 2015

Winter Storm Specifics

Yes, we're calling it an "Arkansas Slushie" as all types of precipitation (except hail) will be likely tonight into Monday.  I don't expect this to get underway in the metro until around midnight.  There's a high degree in confidence in the forecast for northern Arkansas, but it's lower further south.  Where the freezing rain/sleet line sets up is still in question.  It should be just south of Little Rock, but this can change.

It's important to remember, no winter weather forecast will ever be absolutely perfect.  Just some are closer than others.  It's a challenge and one of the reasons I'm a "weathergeek"

This video goes over threats, timing, and many more specifics.  Thank you so much for coming here!


Anonymous said...

Todd, the southern border of Arkansas is Louisiana, not Missouri. Next time make sure you have two cups of coffee before you broadcast!! LOL!!!

Matt Young said...

Hi Todd,

Are there any databases, indexes, or websites where individuals track forecasts and then at a later date calculate the degree of variation from the actual weather event and the forecast?

Just wondering!

Thanks for the blog!

Cody said...

Hey Todd,
Since I don't use Social Media would you please relay a great site that has done a great job thus far with this system. It is a joint operation between the Storm Prediction Center and the Weather Prediction Center using the Short-Range Ensemble Forecast (SREF) for Winter Weather Impacts. The page is very easy to learn (and it's free) with or without a lot of knowledge about weather models. Thank you for relaying this information and I hope Arkansans will find it helpful. Thanks Todd!

Unknown said...

Missouri is north of Arkansas. I'm assuming you mean Louisiana.

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