Sunday, April 19, 2015

Severe Risk Later Today and This Evening

While this will likely not be an outbreak, some strong to severe thunderstorm activity will be possible later this afternoon and evening (Sunday, April 19th, 2015).

I have discovered a new product in our upgraded weather equipment and I'm going to test it out. It's called the "Power Outage Index".   PLEASE, do not take it literally.  I have no idea at this time exactly how it is formulated, but we'll see if it's worth using again.

This video goes over the severe threats and exact timing.

Thanks for trusting the Channel 7 weather team and thanks for coming to the Arkansas Weather Blog

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Anonymous said...


Just so you and your viewers know, there is a 2% chance or less of tornadoes on a typical spring day. When there is a 5% chance, don't read it as "low". Instead, interpret it "more than double" the chance of tornadoes than normal. So, while 5% sounds miniscule, it is not.