Thursday, December 17, 2015

Warmest Christmas Since....

Well, that depends on what model you look at. But first, I will post all the entries for the winter weather contest within the next few days.  Thanks for participating!

As you would expect, there are differences.   The GFS is coolest and the Euro is warmest  As a matter of fact, the Euro shows the warmest Christmas in Little Rock weather history with a high of 76.  The record high is 73 set in 1942.   I'M NOT FORECAST THAT AT THIS TIME.  The GFS has a high temperature of 57.  That's almost a 20 degree difference. If the GFS is correct, it's the warmest Christmas since 2011.  That's not crazy warm for sure!  As I usually say, the answer is somewhere in the middle.  I hope!  I sure don't want temperatures near 80.  Of course things may change and I'll keep you posted.

GFS forecast highs courtesy of
The Euro courtesy of

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