Tuesday, May 31, 2016

June and What To Expect

We're turning the page to meteorological summer and IMO, it can't end soon enough.  Born and raised here in Little Rock, I know how dreadful Arkansas summers can get.  While I have no problem with this type of weather, I'm not a big fan of 100+ degrees with heat index values off the charts.  Usually, it's not a question of "if" that happens, but "when"?  

Remember, the more moisture in the ground, the less likely you are to reach 100 degrees with the actual air temperature, but that moisture also elevates the heat index values and it can feel 100 +.

This is statistical data courtesy of the National Weather Service office in North Little Rock.


  • Highest state temperature recorded for the month is 113 degrees in Corning on June 20th, 1936.
  • Lowest state temperature recorded for the month is 35 degrees set on June 3, 1969 in Mammoth Spring and Dutton on June 1, 1931.
  • Highest daily rainfall total is 12.20'' at Moro Bay on June 8th, 1974
  • Highest monthly total is 21.55'' at Arkadelphia in 1905
Little Rock in June
  • Hottest June day was on the 28th in 2012 when it hit 107
  • All-time low temperature was 46 degrees on June 3, 1969
  • Wettest May was 10.53'' in 1877
  • Driest was a Trace in 1952
  • Most rain in one day was 7.40'' on June 28th, 1879

Odds favor average to below average temperatures for the southern plains into western Arkansas.  Part of this may be the result of high moisture content in the ground from heavy spring rains.

Good chance for above average rainfall in SE Texas with below average rainfall just northeast of AR.  If you're wondering what "EC" means, that's "Equal Chances".  That means the odds don't really favor average, above average, or below average.  If I were you, I'd ask for more information than that with my tax dollars. 

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Matt Young said...


I really appreciate the blog you have here and enjoy following along from time to time.

I am curious about the comment you made...."If I were you I would ask for more information than that with my tax dollars"

I believe that the equal chances out come is not a lack of information. I think we all have to understand that sometimes the statistics isn't clear in terms of favoring a probability for one outcome over another. Why is it, that you feel that, that is a waste of investment?

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