Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall!


Today (August 31st) is the last day of meteorological summer.  When the final numbers come in, we'll see temperatures were above average and rainfall was well above average.  The number of 100° plus days was close to average with a total of 5.  Average is 6.

By average high temperature (assuming a high today of 94°) it was 92.88° which is NOT in the top 10.

By average low temperature, we ended up at 75.27° which is the 2nd warmest in Little Rock weather history.

By average seasonal temperature, it was 84.07° which is the 6th warmest on record.

What explains these wacky numbers?  MOISTURE!!!!   High levels of humidity kept lows from dropping much at night which gave us that 2nd warmest by low temperature.  That high moisture level also prevents daytime highs from getting out of hand and that explains why we didn't crack the top 10 in that category.  HOWEVER, that elevated low temperature average boosted this summer to #6 by average seasonal temperature.

In summary, it was NOT your imagination, it was a very humid summer with very high heat index readings and many days with heat advisories!

Assuming NO rainfall today through midnight, and there is a slight chance today, August 2016 will end up being the 8th wettest in Little Rock weather history which dates back to the 1870s.

The summer of 2016 will be the 9th wettest in Little Rock weather history with 16.76''.  By the way, our yearly total so far is 45.95'' and that's 14.63'' above average.  We still have 4 months to go and November is typically the wettest month of the year according to 30 year climo.

Let's roll into September and see what it can bring...

  • We will lose 1 hour and 2 minutes of daylight.
  • hottest state temperature was 114 degrees at Waldron on Sept. 8, 1922
  • lowest state temperatures was 28 degrees at several locations
  • Highest daily rainfall was 12.25'' at Crystal Valley on the 13th, 1978
  • Highest monthly rainfall was 21.95'' at Moore in 1898
  • Little Rock hottest September temperature was 106 on Sept. 1, 1947
  • Little Rock coldest temperature was 37 degrees on the 22nd, 1942
  • Wettest in Little Rock was 10.23'' in 1898
  • Driest was .27'' in 1917 in Little Rock.

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