Friday, March 10, 2017

Mashed Potato Snow

2 important things to note...  This will be a "WOW" snow.  One of those snows that makes you say, "WOW!  Wasn't it just 80° not long ago with severe weather"?  In other words, a jaw dropper.  Also, this will not be a major storm whatsoever.  I think there could be some slushy accumulations on grassy surfaces mainly northern and northeastern Arkansas and it will look like clumpy mashed potatoes coating the ground.

Could this make it into central Arkansas Saturday night?  I really think most of the Channel 7 viewing are will have a cold rain, but I would not be surprised if a wet snowflake or sleet pellet mixed in before it ended.  Again, small accumulations mainly north on grassy surfaces and exposed objects.

This video goes over the newest runs of the European and GFS computer models.  These are models and not forecasts.  Please remember that.  Enjoy!

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