Saturday, May 13, 2017

My Mom

It's Mother's Day and there's little doubt you're bragging about how much you love your mom, think she's the best, sets a great example, and provides unconditional love.  While I don't doubt that, I want to tell you why my mom is the absolute best.

In December of 1993, my dad woke up with chest pains.  Within a few hours he was on the operating table having quadruple bypass surgery.   While that surgery is a big deal, back in those days, it was an even bigger deal.  He came through it with flying colors and was home within 2 weeks.  2 days before Christmas, I found my dad nearly unconscious on the bathroom floor and noticed one side of his face was drooping.  I knew immediately he was having a stroke.  After he was rushed to the hospital, the doctors confirmed his heart threw a clot and caused a massive stroke on top of his brain stem.  He was in a coma for several days.  It didn't take long to understand the scope and severity of the situation.  He lost his ability to walk as the left side of his body was completely paralyzed, he couldn't talk,  and he could not eat on his own.  While he survived the heart attack and massive stroke, his life and and my mom's life completely changed in an instant.

For 9 years my mom took care of him 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Think about what that means after your spouse can't do anything anymore.  She bathed him, fed him, put him in a wheel chair, got him out of the wheel chair, took him to therapy, doctors appointments, got him dressed everyday, made sure he received his medicines on time, took care of the house, paid bills, haggled with insurance... THE LIST GOES ON AND ON AND ON.  My dad eventually passed away in 2002 after suffering from pneumonia.

Those painful 9 years she went through set an example I will keep for a lifetime.  If I ever need to talk to her about something, she's there.  If I ever need anything, she's there.  If I need her to take care of my kids on a moments notice, she's there.  Yes, she's my supermom.

Moms are the best and I know you have reasons why you think yours is the best.  My only advice is to tell her now.  Don't wait, it's Mother's Day.  Enjoy the time you have with not only your mom, but your dad as well.

Happy Mother's Day.

My parents

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