Friday, March 30, 2018

Easter and Beyond. No True Spring

Just saw the Friday morning run of the European and it's a TOUGH Easter forecast.  The Euro holds the front up a little bit while other models shove it into southern Arkansas.  What does this mean?  Confidence for a chilly Easter Sunday for northern Arkansas is quite high.  The confidence level for a mild Easter Sunday for southern Arkansas is quite high.  However, that front will be tough to pinpoint as it crawls through central sections.  Regardless, there will be a chance for showers.

Here's the new Euro courtesy of  Other models bring the colder air into central Arkansas faster.

Scroll down for more model information and for more details on the very long range forecast.

7AM Sunday

1PM Easter Sunday

7PM Easter Sunday


There's much to talk about over the next 2 weeks.  In this video.

  • Easter chill
  • Rain chances
  • More rain chances next week and maybe a few thunderstorms
  • Long range temperature outlook
  • Long range precipitation outlook

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