Monday, August 13, 2007

Flashback to 1980???

We need to take a flashback to what was going on in the world the last time we saw temperatures this hot on this date.

The rubik cube and the walkman were huge

The prime rate was 21%

Iraq invaded Iran

Mt. St. Helen Erupts

11 AM Update... burn ban now in effect for Pulaski county and expanding to several more counties across the northern half of the state. Also, 11 AM temperture is one degree warmer than same time Sunday. We are on track to 106 or 107 degrees today.

3 PM Update... the temperature is now actually two degrees COOLER compared to yesterday at this time. It's ONLY 102!!! Pretty bad when you think 102 is cooler. Anyway, we should have a high today of 104 to 105 which will still be in record territory. I have lawn work that needs to be done and all I can do is sit inside and wait.

6 PM Update... Glad to report that so far we are one degree short of the record high of 104. So far the official is 103, but it could have spiked between the hourly reports to 104 late this afternoon. We won't know until 7 PM or the weather service puts out a statement. It's one of the only times I would be glad to be wrong.


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