Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Welcome To Meteorological Fall

Back from vacation!  It was good and bad.  The good.. we enjoyed a trip to Chattanooga.  I worked there for 6 years and caught up with friends.  The Bad, I came home with strep throat and a 102.5 temp.  Feeling horrible.  I'll start a new post soon.


WE MADE IT!!!!!  In the weather world, summer is officially OVER and fall begins, but we have more heat to deal with soon!

It's official, Little Rock had its hottest summer by average temperature with a final temperature of 85.80 degrees.  This easily outpaces 1954's average summer temperature of 85.41 degrees.  We have had 21 days of 100 degree temperatures.  It was the 8th driest summer on record with a final 5.08 inches of rainfall.  Little Rock is now in 5th place for number of 90 degree days this year at 99 and still counting.  You may also remember we just finished the longest stretch of consecutive 90 degree temperatures in Little Rock history at 60 days.

Let's talk about some good news.  An AWESOME air mass will overspread Arkansas Friday into Saturday just in time for the season opening game for the Razorbacks.  The weather should be perfect with highs Saturday in Fayetteville near 80 and 4th quarter temperatures in the upper 60s to near 70.

Friday night high school football should also be fantastic!

A ridge of high pressure will once again bring heat and humidity next week with highs back into the 90s.  It's still possible to hit 100 even into September so we'll watch it!


snowenthusaist said...

finally this hot summer is over in the weather world. The northwest part of the state is under a slight risk tomorrow. I'm hoping we get some rain tonight and/or tomorrow because we need it

Kaleb Turner said...

Hey, Has anyone heard of the old "myth" that if you count the number of fogs in August that is how many snows you will get the winter?

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