Thursday, October 14, 2010

Fighting More Than Just A Fire

All of us in central Arkansas probably noticed the huge amount of smoke coming from North Little Rock today.  The Camp Robinson fire flared up once again reminding us how dangerous conditions are with no soil moisture and low humidity.

I received this email from John Robinson at the National Weather Service office in North Little Rock.  This explains the problems they are having with this particular fire.

"The fire that began Tuesday of last week is the one that flared up again
today.  One reason the Guard is having so much trouble fighting this
fire is that it is on the range, where there are unexploded shells and
other duds.  They can't put people up close to fight the fire because of
exploding shells.  Capt. Heathscott  said if you get near the fire, it's
easy to hear the shells going off."

John Robinson
National Weather Service Meteorologist
North Little Rock, AR

Aerial photo of the Camp Robinson fire from a loyal blogger.

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