Sunday, May 29, 2011

Heat #1 Weather Related Killer

You may have noticed I'm adding some new stuff to the blog.  I have been wanting to do this for awhile, but Mother Nature has kept me busy with other things.  First thing you should check out is the "Weather Geeks Anonymous" page.  It's on the far right in the link bar above.  The Weather Geek concept was developed by Rob Thomas, KATV promotion director, and it has really taken off for us.  I want to see why YOU are weather geeks so send me a short video (10-15 seconds) telling me your name, where you live, and why you're a weather geek! 

Also, I'm on facebook and I can't thank you enough for "liking" me.  Almost up to 3 thousand in one month!  This is a great place for you to post weather pictures which will appear on the weather blog!

Now back to regular programming.  The heat will be making news over the next several days and maybe weeks.  A massive ridge of high pressure will develop and sit over the central United States.  This pressure cooker will deflect all storm systems up and over the ridge which will keep up hot and dry.  Heat index readings will soar to near 100 degrees with the actual temperature around 90-95. 

After all the stormy weather, we wanted quiet, but you should remember heat is the #1 weather related killer in the United States.  During the record breaking year of 2010, Arkansas had 21 heat related deaths.  Across the United States, an average of 1500 people die each year from excessive heat.  The point, please take it easy out there and drink plenty of water!

100 degree plus temperatures in Texas.  Thankfully, it won't be that hot here, but summer is here with readings over the next 7-10 days in the 90s in Arkansas.
It's soooo heart breaking to hear about infants who are left in cars and die during this summer heat.  Check out this animation from NOAA which shows how hot it can get inside an automobile!

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