Monday, May 23, 2011

Sad Severe Weather Season With More Possible

I'm very sorry I haven't updated the blog in a few days.  There has been so much going on with our weather with long hours put in analyzing radar and computer model information.  I have been devoting a ton of time on twitter and now on facebook.  Thanks for following on both of these social media avenues as I continue to look forward to serving you there with information to help you plan for severe weather.

We have had 60 tornadoes so far this year in Arkansas and it's only May!  Average is 26.  Our primary severe weather season will wind down soon, but I'm afraid an active tropical season and an active secondary severe weather season later this year could add to these numbers.  You may remember 2008, another La Nina year, there were more than 80 tornadoes.  It's sad and possible we are on track to pass that.  During the fall of 2008, the remnants of Gustav and Ike added to the tornado count.  Hopefully it won't happen this year, but it's something worth watching given the pattern.

I want everyone to know that I understand how scary severe weather is to you and your family.  When there is the the threat to life and/or property, I will ALWAYS be monitoring the situation no matter the time of day.  It's a promise we will always keep at Channel 7. 

The threat for severe weather continues due to multiple waves of low pressure and ample amounts of instability.  The main threat will be hail and wind, but there will be enough spin for storms to produce tornadoes.  A slight risk for severe weather exists through Wednesday.  A final wave of low pressure should sweep the rough weather out of here for awhile late Wednesday into early Thursday.  Until then, you must pay very close attention to the weather.

I will have the 2011 Summer contest numbers out soon from all the entries.

SPC severe weather outlook for Monday
SPC severe weather outlook for Tuesday
SPC severe weather outlook Wednesday

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