Saturday, June 11, 2011

Northeast Arkansas Dust Storm

2 PM Sunday Update... I just received this video from my facebook fan page and I wanted to share it with you.  It's obvious northeast Arkansas was the hot spot for some wild and wacky weather Saturday from dust storms to heavy rain, to high winds.  The video below shows how strong and wicked thunderstorms can be.  The rain blows horizontally!  We never encourage you to do be out in the elements like this.  The video is from Diane Alexander Layrock.

Also, check out the incredible video and pictures below of the dust storm from Sat. afternoon.

 It's really amazing to see an incredible and widespread dust storm after record flooding just a month ago.

Wind from strong to severe thunderstorms kicked up dust from farm fields all over the northeast sections of the state and dropped visibilities down to less than a mile in some locations.

Check out these pictures of dust AND a dust devil in Des Ark from KATV viewers.  You can always send yours to

New Video from Lorie Burress along Highway 18 during the dust storm Saturday.  She said it was so bad, they had to pull off the road for awhile.  As you will see in the video, visibilities were very low.

Amazing dust storm video below is from Andrew Sloan in College City, Arkansas.

Lorie Burress along highway 18 in northeast Arkansas

Blytheville dust storm from Robert Corey

Blytheville dust storm from Robert Corey
More Blytheville dust from Monica Godfrey
Thomas Gaines from Otwell.  Highway 49

Des Arc dust devil from twitter @brend_obu74

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Brian Tritch said...

It was bad here in Greene County To, The sheriff's department was saying out to the west of the city in western Greene County where the farm land is it was down to 0& Visibility and extremely dusty.

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