Saturday, June 04, 2011

Record Breaking Heat

I decided to do an experiment Saturday by placing a thermometer in my car in direct sunlight.  I pulled the car out of the garage and it was 79 degrees inside the car at 1:05 PM.  After 30 minutes in direct sunlight, it read 142 degrees.  The entire point of the experiment... make sure kids/pets are not left inside cars in this blistering heat wave.

We shattered a record Saturday in Little Rock with a high of 99.  The old record was 96 set in 1977.  That's a fairly long standing record!  In 1977, gas was 62 cents a gallon, milk was $1.68 per gallon, I was also just coming out of diapers, and Steve Sullivan was graduating High School!  Several locations did hit 100 degrees.  Check it out below.

Highs Saturday

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