Monday, July 11, 2011

Melting February Snow in July

I think this experiment solidifies me as the ultimate weathergeek!  Last February, I saved several snowballs in my freezer.  The triple digit heat Monday offered a good opportunity to see how long it would take to melt it and make room in my freezer at the same time!

I was surprised it took so long to melt the snow.  The pile was placed in direct sun light on a sidewalk.  The thermometer you see is wireless with the transmitter in the shade for accurate measurement.

Enjoy the time lapse video below!!!!!!

The pile of snow when I started the experiment Monday afternoon.

Here is the pile just 30 minutes later, but it took about an hour to completely melt the snow.


sandra warwick said...

Thanks for the answer,its plagued me forever,lol,entertaining,thanks for the light side keep up the good work!

sandra warwick said...

Thank you for the lighter side of the weather its nice to see someone with a sense of humor,keep up the good work!

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