Sunday, August 07, 2011

EXTREME Arkansas Weather

Has anyone stopped to think about how extreme our weather has been this year?  There are some similarities between this year and 2008 which was also a La Nina year.  For instance, we had a couple big snows, an active severe weather season, and historic flooding.  If history serves as a guide, what does the rest of 2011 have waiting for us?  The first thing I would look out for is an active tropical season.  In 2008, Hurricane Gustav and Ike both brought remnants to the Natural State producing heavy rainfall and tornadoes.  Let's hope it doesn't come to that, but we'll watch it.

I wanted to make a list of all the records, potential records, and notable events for this CRAZY year so far.  I may miss a few things since there are so many.  If you know of anything that should be added, just make a post in the comment section.

  • Hottest day in Little Rock weather history August 3rd with 114 degrees
  • Warmest low temperature ever August 3rd with 85 degrees.
  • If summer ended today, it would be the 2nd driest on record.
  • If summer ended today, it would be the hottest by average seasonal temperature
  • If summer ended today, it would be the 3rd hottest by avg. high temperature
  • If summer ended today, it would be the 2nd warmest by avg. low temperature
  • The high temperature on Aug. 6th and 7th was the 5th warmest in LR history (108)
  • Highest wind gust ever in the month of August.  77 mph on the 7th
  • 2nd highest wind gust ever in LR weather history.  77 mph on August 7th
  • A wind sensor at the LR airport 100 feet high recorded a 92 mph gust on Aug. 7th
  • 2nd longest consecutive period of 80 degree + temps. (Aug. 3-6... 4 days)
  • If we hit 100 Sun., it will rank in the top 10 highest # of consecutive 100 degree days
  • If we hit 100 Mon., it will be 6th longest period of consecutive 100 degree days
  • If we hit 100 Sunday, 2011 will rank #8 with most days at or above 100 degrees
  • As of Sunday, Fort Smith has had a record setting 33 consecutive 100 degree + days
  • Fort Smith has had a total of 41 days this summer with temperatures 100 degrees +
  • Every July day was above 90 degrees tying 3 other years for the most on record
  • By average high temperature, July was the 5th hottest on record
  • By average low temperature, July was the 2nd hottest on record
  • By average temperature, it was the 4th warmest on record
  • It was the 3rd driest July on record
  • June was the 3rd hottest by average high temperature
  • June was the 4th warmest by average low temperature
  • June was the 3rd hottest by average temperature
  • On June 27th, LR hit 100.  This was the 1st 100 degree high in June since 1998
  • Tornado count of 72 this year is getting close to the 2nd most in history (81 in 2008)
  • In May, a rare EF4 tornado hit Denning, Arkansas
  • Historic flooding occurred in the White River Basin
  • I-40 closed due to high waters from the White River
  • On May 2nd, the high of 53 in Little Rock was the 2nd coolest May high on record
  • It was the 9th wettest May on record
  • The highest wind gust for April was observed at the airport (66 mph)
  • Low temperature of 10 on Feb.11th was the coldest since Feb. 4th, 1996
  • A few days later, N. Little Rock tied a daily record high on the 14th at 73 degrees
  • 8.9'' of snow fell in Little Rock during Feb. making it the snowiest Feb. since 1979
  • It was the 6th snowiest Feb. ever in Little Rock
  • 24'' of snow fell in NW AR on Feb. 9th challenging  the all time state record (25'')
  • The low temperature on Feb. 10th in Highfill (Benton county) was -21
  • Fayetteville dropped to -18 on February 10th
  • It was the 5th driest January on record
  • 5.7'' of snow fell in Little Rock making it the 19th snowiest January in history
I imagine the fall and early winter will offer more extreme weather for the Natural State as the La Nina conditions develop once again.  After such an extremely hot summer, how about mother nature gives us the earliest snow ever?  I'll see if I can make that happen.  By the way, the earliest snow was on October 28th, 1925 with a trace at the Little Rock airport. LET'S DO IT!



    madd trapper said...

    where are all the records from 1980 when we had 7 straight days of 114 and 3 days 117 and 89 straight days of 100 or more and no rain the weather service records are worthless

    jimmylee42 said...

    Todd-Thanks to you and the NWS for all of these interesting and even scary stats. If we don't get any more 100 degree days I win that part of the contest. Monday I will probably be toast on that.

    Anonymous said...

    For what it's worth, I cut open 4 persimmon seeds and they all had spoons in them, sounds like La Nina and the old timers agree on this one. I guess all we can say is, "bring it on" !!

    Anonymous said...

    I just came back from Missouri on vacation.its terribly hot just like here. Worst summer in years and years the missouians told me. I can't wait for summer to say bye bye. Im gearing up for my favorite time of year. Dec through march. I sure hope we get a repeat of last winter which was cold and snowy for little rock and points north. I wonder where joe b is and what is longrange winter outlook for the us is. I heard accuwrather fired him because he bombed terribly on last years. Winter outlook. Goes to show he is human mother nature is going to do as she pleases and always has tricks up her sleeve.

    Snowenthusiast said...

    I don't have a twitter account so I'm posting it here butjust estimated a 60-65 mph wind gust in Sherwood

    Anonymous said...

    I know La Nina is the main culprit in all this, but I wondered whether anyone has investigated whether the small shift in the earth's axis caused by the Japan earthquake last winter contributed to the extreme weather.

    Aleigh said...

    okay I am calling October 23 with a dusting of snow for the earliest snow in Little Rock this year!! LOL.

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