Thursday, October 20, 2011

Wild Weather Ride Next Week

We have another wild weather ride next week.  From warm to cold.  It's all explained in the video


The Weather Fanatic said...

Nice intro! Rush rocks!!

The rollercoaster ride continues! This is what will get our severe weather going if we could ever get any low level moisture in here. With that being said, we can't rule out severe weather all winter long. Should be fun to see how it plays out!

By the way, we need to have a party when the blog hits 1 million hits!

Should happen this winter..awesome!!

Kevin Conant (Singing weatherman/Weather Nerd) said...

Hey, if you are on Facebook add me

Jason H said...

Next week does look CRAZY!!! Someone called this didnt they?;-)

It wont shock me one bit if someone in Northern Arkansas sees a little....should I dare say it,yes snow next week. It is possible Friday morning. NWS Memphis mentions this in there forecast discussion. As Snowbirdbob says,"ya never know".

btw I have never believed in Long range forecast and I believe the "drought" is going to a BIG hit over the weeks to come. Severe weather for early Novemeber?

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