Thursday, March 01, 2012

Friday Storms


Congratulations to Paula Cunningham for winning contest #2 with her guess of 3550.  The actual number was 3558.  I will email you Paula and get those prizes to you.  Contest #1 continues through the end of March.

6:10 PM Thursday Update...  Day 1 of the National Severe Weather Workshop has just wrapped up and so far it's going well.  The presentations are fantastic and they're giving me some new ideas and thoughts I'll share with you later.  I graduated from OU in 1996 and the change is absolutely incredible.  This town has grown more than I ever imagined.   I've had the chance to walk around campus and it all brings back some wonderful memories.  I'm sure many of you have them from back in college.  I have even run into some old friends who still live in town.  The short of it, I'm having a great time out here.

Now onto the weather.  Right now it appears Arkansas will escape the worst of the severe weather, but I don't want to downplay what could happen later tonight.  As you know, the Storm Prediction Center has placed northern Arkansas under a slight risk for severe weather.  These storms will likely be elevated in nature, but still pose a risk of producing severe hail.  Keep your weather radios on tonight and/or sign up for weathercall 7.  The activity tonight will increase due to warm and moist air surging from the south.  While I don't expect it to be widespread, there could be a few storms that could become nasty.

As far as Friday is concerned, there could be a few strong storms develop over eastern Arkansas, but the worst will be east of the Mississippi River.  Think and pray for those who live through Tennessee and Kentucky.  It could be a rough day for them!

I am in Norman, Oklahoma at the National Severe Storms Workshop.  I am very lucky and excited Channel 7 sent me here to learn the latest and greatest advances in meteorology.  While here, I WILL BE WATCHING THE WEATHER SITUATION FRIDAY!

I am limited in what I can blog right now, but words will work!

The front which moved through the state Wednesday will lift back to the north as a warm front Thursday night into Friday morning.  This will have the capability of generating a few showers and storms.  Hail would be the primary threat.  The Storm Prediction Center here in Norman has already placed northern Arkansas under a slight risk for severe weather. 

The next thing to watch is the cold front which will move through Friday.  While this can change, it appears the worst of the severe weather outbreak will be east of the Mississippi River where a moderate risk has been issued by SPC.  However, storms will generate over Arkansas and increase in intensity.  The highest threat will be across the eastern half of the state.  Mainly east of a line from Mountain Home through Little Rock down to El Dorado.  The main threat will be hail and high winds.  An isolated tornado will be possible, but the chance for more tornadoes will increase once the system moves east of the state.  Remember, this can still change and everyone needs to stay on top of the weather situation. 

Meteorologists Barry Brandt and Ned Perme will staff our weather center Friday and keep you updated.

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