Monday, August 13, 2012

But Wait, There's More! Active August Brings MORE Rain and Cooler Air.



Contest #1: 90
Contest #1 Tiebreaker:  4.46''
Contest #2:  84.29 degrees

The last blog post I talked about another dose of nice air just in time for next weekend.  This looks very likely now as the models are in agreement showing the jet stream amplifying with a ridge across the west and a trough in the central and eastern United States.  I still think the back of the horrible heat is finished.  As I have said, it will still get hot, but the prolonged and extreme heat shouldn't come back.

What a storm Monday morning!  We received a much needed 1-3 inches of rain.  However, it did come with quite a bit of power outages as trees and power lines came down.  This is just a very small dent in the drought, but it's definitely a start! And guess what, there could be more coming!

Rain chances will once again pick up later this week as yet another front enters the state and delivers another batch of nice air!  This is what we have all been waiting for.  The first 3/4 of summer were brutal, but we're ending it with some much deserved relief.

Check out the model maps below...

This is the European model showing the jet stream taking on a huge amplification.  The hot ridge of high pressure is over the west with the trough downstream across the central and eastern United States.
At the surface, the GFS continues to show high pressure settling across the region Saturday with nice north to northeast winds.  The heat is suppressed to the south with highs ONLY in the 80s next weekend.
And it keeps getting better!  The surface moisture levels drop like a rock.  All the heat and humidity is south of the state.  There are some higher moisture values near our southern border Saturday, but those should come down.  If this verifies, the dry air will lead to overnight lows temperatures in the 50s and 60s again.
Let's add some rainfall to it as well.  As the front comes into the state, MORE RAIN Thursday and Friday!  The HPC indicates 1-2 inches possible.  However, some storms could become strong so we'll have to watch that carefully!!!


Anonymous said...

I thought this was August. August is supposed to be hot here. Why is it getting so much cooler than usual? Will it warm back up again?

Anonymous said...

Don't question, just enjoy the nice, cooler weather that we have been so blissfully bestowed upon.

Warm ups are inevitable unlike cool fronts, but hopefully this year and next those warm fronts will be "an island of warmth in an ocean of cold."

Anonymous said...

little rock is finally done with this crazy heat. Sure we will have plenty more days in the90s but the 100 degree days are over for this year. it can only get better temp wise from here.

Anonymous said...

I hope we get yet another cool front making its way into the deep southern state of Arkansas. Third time's the charm?

Anonymous said...

Hey Todd,

I thought you said you were going to be updating the contest numbers more often as we approach the end.

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