Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Possible Christmas Cold

Even though this is in the long range, I wanted to share with you what the data is telling me for the period leading up to Christmas.  Since we're dealing with a forecast that's 10 to 14 days out, specifics are impossible at this point.  There's remarkable agreement with the pattern between the European and GFS models.  Both show a ridge developing into Alaska which would force cold air to plunge out of Canada.  The strength, timing, and placement of the cold air is impossible to predict this far out.  What about moisture?  That's impossible to predict this far out as well.

This video will show you what the 2 main models indicate.  At this time, it appears there's a good chance temperatures will go below average just a few days before Santa comes to town.  Enjoy the video.


Anonymous said...

Several days below freezing, perhaps? I would sure hope so, would be nice!

jimmylee42 said...

Todd-Thanks for the video on possible cold wave in late December. It was interesting and got me to looking into my weather journals. These dates below were notable for the severe cold or ice and snow. Also, I was living here at the time and recorded the info from the NWS. 12/25/80 23 high 10 low; 12/25/83 12 and 0 with ice and snow on the ground;12/25/85 24 and 11; 12/25/2000 26 and 21 with ice storm; 12/25/2004 snow on ground from 12/22 storm low 10; everyone remembers last year with ice and snow totaling 10.3 inches storm total. I was also in little Rock for the white Christmases of 1962 and 1963 with both having snow on the ground from previous days. !963 December had 9.8 inches in one storm plus below zero low on or about Christmas day.

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