Wednesday, April 01, 2015

It Only Takes One. Mayflower/Vilonia Tornado Presentation

I had the honor of presenting at the National Severe Storms and Doppler Radar Conference in Des Moines, Iowa on Friday March 27th.

Below are two videos.  The first is a recorded version of the same presentation I gave at the conference and the other is a condensed video of our television coverage that night last April 27th.  

The presentation goes over the set-up, the use of social media, how we cover severe weather at Channel 7, and how the event unfolded.  



John Sacrey said...

An excellent presentation, Todd.

I was watching this develop on GR3ver. 2 and was shocked at the rapid intensification of the storm/tornado. I do not believe I have ever seen a tornadic signature go from a hook to a major tornado in 2 radar scans until that day.

Please be proud of the job you and the team did that day. I know you saved a lot of lives.

Anonymous said...

Excellent presentation. Now on to this year's severe season. Any thoughts you would like to share with us? We love getting updates from you.

Greg Reddin said...

Thanks for sharing that, Todd. Great job on the presentation!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Todd for your hardwork and using this as a educational tool.

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