Saturday, May 09, 2015

Multiple Rounds Of Rain and Some Severe Weather

The week long stretch of nice weather is coming to an end and we're going to pay the price for that.  We'll have several rounds of rain and thunderstorms through Monday.  Some of the rain will be heavy and some of the storms may be strong to severe.

I'm going to change things up a little bit on how we present the severe hail, wind, and tornado threat.  Over the past few weeks, I have tweeted maps out showing the percentage of wind, hail, and tornadoes within 25 miles of a given point.  There are two reasons I'm going to change this.  First, it sparked a little confusion on social media and I want to be able to communicate the threats in a simple way.  I am now categorizing the threats as low, medium, high, and extreme.  For example, if you see a medium threat for severe winds, that simply means where thunderstorms occur, there is a medium threat for severe winds (58 mph or greater).

This video goes over all the threats, timing, and more specifics. As I have been saying, I don't expect this to be an outbreak, but there will be rough weather ahead and you need to stay weather aware.

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Anonymous said...

This weather pattern reminds of the old days. It May. Texas and Oklahoma getting hammered. That used to be the norm. We haven't seen this pattern in a long time. Sad because it creates complacency.

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