Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Storm Update

This video goes over the storm potential Wednesday PLUS Christmas and the big rain maker heading our way this weekend.


Mitchell McDill said...

The % chance of a white Christmas seems astronomically low. I'm not sure how Todd calculated it that many decimal places.

jimmylee42 said...

Todd-No white Christmas for us unless we get a bowling ball low coming down the spine of the Rockies or a hailstorm that covers the ground. Just thought I would put a list of the white Christmases that I have observed since 1962. Some of these or most maybe were snow & ice still on the ground and some of these were not claimed by the NWS because these were recorded in WLR not at the airport. 1962,1963,1975,1983,1990,2004,2012. 2000 was an ice event. 62,75,2012 snow fell on the day of Christmas. I remember 75 well because it snowed an inch while we were eating with family WLR. 63,83,90,2004 inch or more on the ground from previous snow events.

Anonymous said...

Hang in there everybody. Winter will be make it presence known in a big way starting about the second week of January. It may not go away until April. Joe Bastardi has done a great job with long range forecasting for this winter. His forecasts are not perfect, but they are closer to right than anybody else. Let's just hope for no ice.

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