Tuesday, January 05, 2016

So You're Saying There's A Chance?


Both of the main long range computer models have basically eliminated the chance for any snow this weekend.  BUT, they continue to hammer away at the cold air and it IS coming south.

With the GFS and the Euro abandoning the chance for snow, I WILL URGE CAUTION!  There have been times in the past when the data shows a system producing precipitation, takes it away, and then it shows back up on the data.

One more interesting thing to note, the CMC (Canadian) model has NOT jumped ship on the snow idea.  So, I'm telling you, there's still a chance.  But it's not a good one so DON'T get your hopes up!!!!

Here's the Canadian indicating some light snow still possible over northern Arkansas.  Please remember, my ideas never had snow coming into central and southern Arkansas.  It has always been northern and western Arkansas with the chance.  It's only Tuesday so we'll see and I'll keep you updated!  Image is courtesy of weatherbell.com 

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