Sunday, September 24, 2017

Drought Concerns Increasing

It's typically the driest time of the year so this is really not too surprising. However, it does concern me for 2 reason. First, the wildfire danger is increasing AND secondly, the leaves are falling off the trees due to the lack of rainfall.

We are ending the driest time of the year: July August, and September. So historically, the rain should begin to increase as we shift the jet stream further south as we head into winter.

With the front coming through later in the week, rain amounts look bleak. The GFS only shows about .5'' or less in spots.

WPC shows all the rain over the Atlantic with "Maria" and plenty of rain over the plains. The ridge over the eastern United States is seen clearly only looking at rainfall amounts.

No surprise, we have drought conditions developing over northern and western Arkansas with the wildfire danger increasing as well

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