Sunday, January 21, 2018

Meat's In The Freezer. Let's Go Skiing

Colorado, Colorado, Colorado!  That's all I hear from my ski friends here in Arkansas. One of the best kept secrets, until now, is just a 2 hour flight north into northwest Montana.  Deep powder, no lift lines, crowd free slopes, and incredibly friendly people make Whitefish, Montana so awesome!

You may have heard me talk about living in Montana for 2 and a half years after college.  I wanted my first job to be where it snowed A LOT.  Of course, you can't help but think of Montana as a very snowy place.  I landed a gig in Missoula, which is just a couple hours south of Whitefish.  This southern boys wanted to play in the snow and I did!  My first winter up there (1997-1998), we had 111 inches and that was in the valley.  The mountains had much, much more.  I skied all the local areas, but then discovered Whitefish and fell in love with the place immediately.

Have you ever heard of "snow ghosts"?  The trees are loaded with frost, snow, and ice in a cement like pyramid sticking out of the ground.  When you see one, you'll be in awe.  They are all over the top of the mountain and they're mesmerizing to look at.  Everywhere you look, it's a postcard.

There's nothing like skiing that mountain, then going to The Great Northern at night to relax, drink a Moose Drool, and listen to good music.  It's what I consider THE perfect day!   Downtown Whitefish is really cool western town centered around the railroad.

If you ever hear someone in Little Rock hit the lottery and I suddenly go missing, you'll know where you can find me.  Arkansas will always be home to me, but I will retire to the Flathead Valley one day. If you have been there, you know exactly why.

More than a year ago, my wife and I decided to save up and plan a trip up there.  It was our first time to go back in more than 12 years.  This was the perfect opportunity to introduce my two boys (8 and 6 years old) to the sport of downhill skiing.  They had 2, half day lessons and are now skiing quite well.  The instructors, staff, and everyone on the mountain were overwhelmingly nice and accommodating.

No, this isn't an ad for Whitefish.  I just want to share with you the place I call my home away from home.  It's a very special place to me.  If you ski or just want to see the great northern Rockies and Glacier National Park, you will not be disappointed.  You fly into a 3 gate airport, rent a car, and walk 20 yards to it with no hassle.

Here's a video I put together of our trip.

Music by John Dunnigan - "Meat's In The Freezer"

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