Saturday, July 21, 2007

Mother Nature Singing Our Tune?

I couldn't resist! Yes, we are going to be CLOSE to breaking "records" in Little Rock over the next two nights. Forecast lows are in the low to mid 60s with record lows in the 50s. While it's still possible to tie or break the record, it doesn't look likely.

In North Little Rock, records are more likely to be broken. There the record lows are only in the mid 60s with forecast lows in the low to mid 60s.

The air moving into the state from the northeast is much drier than first anticipated. This will help lows drop further than expected. Sunday afternoon dewpoints could go into the mid 50s which is in the very comfortable category for summertime. As of this posting Saturday afternoon, the dewpoint in Little Rock is 61 with southwest Ark. in the low to mid 70s STILL ahead of the front.

Also, the National Weather Service finished their survey of the damage in Polson, Montana and determined that there was NO tornado. All damaging winds from a thunderstorm. See how rare it is for a tornado there?

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