Thursday, November 01, 2007

Fall Pictures Arrive...Send Yours

Thanks to TJ Henwood for this picture. Please send your fall pictures to the address on the picture.

I also wanted to let you know that Halloween at Kyle's place in Maumelle was a HUGE success. When I left around 9 PM last night, he had more than 400 trick or treaters and still counting. There was actually a traffic jam in his neighborhood last night to see his display. If you didn't get a chance to head out there, mark it on your "to do list" next Halloween.

Now onto the weather since we are now in November. The models are indicating a sharp cool down at the beginning to middle of next week with mostly dry weather. By Tuesday or Wednesday, we may not get out of the 50s for highs with a frost or freeze possible in central Arkansas. The average date for a first frost is today November 1 and the average date for the first freeze is November 12 so we are right on schedule.

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