Friday, October 15, 2010

Drought Deepens.

The latest drought statement came out Friday from the National Weather Service.  It contained no surprises,  the drought has expanded and worsened across the state and the conditions should not improve much through December.  While I'm very certain we'll get more rain, it should be below the average.

So far this month, Little Rock has received only .7'' of rainfall. North Little Rock has only received .03'' and if the month ended today, it would be the driest on record for our neighbors across the river.  Records in North Little Rock only go back to 1976.

Because of the extremely dry weather, it's fairly easy to get a few dust devils during the heating of the day and this one was sent in from Tuckerman which is just northeast of Newport in Jackson county.

Sent in from Tuckerman, AR Friday Afternoon

Drought Monitor from Friday October 15th

Not Much Relief

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Anonymous said...

I can't figure out where to post this so, I'll do it here. I think you should put the current temp somewhere on this website. I think it used to be at the top right on the home page. I can't find it anymore. I like to see the current temp before I head out in the morning. I can find the dewpoint, etc on the weather page, but not current temp??

NOAA Winter Guidance