Sunday, October 17, 2010

Dry-Tober 2010 vs. Wet-Tober 2009

At the beginning of October, off the top of my head, I renamed this month "Dry-Tober".  Our weekend sports guy, Dale Nicholson, thought it was "corny" to say the least.  I told him I wanted to communicate how dry I thought this month would turn out to be and it is extremely dry!  Most of the state is in a moderate to severe drought.  There are signs we could get some rain Tuesday and again late this week.  We may be getting into a pattern as we go deeper into fall and eventually winter which gives us more opportunities for wet weather.  Even if that pans out, our precipitation should remain below average.

A viewer sent in a picture of her pond last October and compared it to this October.  The difference is incredible as you can see in the pictures below.  The other graphic shows how we set a rain record in October of 2009.  While this month is desert dry, it's not going to be the driest on record, but it sure feels like it!

What a difference A Year Makes

Comparing Rainfall


tammy boyce said...

Just got back from Bella Vista, AR last night. I was up there this time last year visiting my family. It was just so DUSTY up there and it's not in color like it usually is. Very depressing. This is about the craziest flip flop I have ever seen in weather. I miss my rainy fall.

snowenthusiast said...

The CPC (climate prediction center) has heavy rain October 24-25 and Arkansas is right in the middle. Hopefully that will be true.


Hello Everyone, SNOWBIRD BOB Here, I beleive as we head into the end of Oct thru much of Nov. The state of Arkansas will see much wetter conditions, "IT CANT GET MUCH DRIER LOL" My reason is that all the fast moving charges of cold air coming, Arkansas could be the battle ground for the big temp changes.Also, I beleive that as we head into the middle of November we could see our first winter weather threat,most likley in the form of Freezing Rain."According to the Old Farmers Almanac, Dec. Could turn out Cloudy,Cool,& Windy."I know the GFS has been hinting at Arkansas's first real frost & freeze temps right around Halloween. Just some thoughts during this boring time,before things really start cranking up.. I know I am just rambling LOL...We Shall See..Stay Safe

Lori said...

Light rain here in Greenbrier. So nice! My younger kids, while getting ready for school this morning exclaimed, "Mom, someone stole the sun".

NOAA Winter Guidance