Friday, October 08, 2010

We Need A Little Of This Rain Now!

LEOLA, Ark. (AP) - The town of Leola in Grant County doesn't
have a lot of people, but it does have a lot of rain.
      The National Weather Service office at North Little Rock said
Friday that a ceremony is planned at Leola, population 515, on Oct.
27 to recognize it as the rainiest-ever spot in Arkansas.
      A news release said the recognition results from the total
rainfall recorded at Leola during 2009 - 100.05 inches. According
to the release, that's the most rain ever recorded at any site in
the state in one year. The previous record was 98.55 inches at New
Hope in Pike County in 1957.
      The Oct. 27 ceremony is to be held at the home of James Riggan,
the Weather Service's official cooperative observer in the


Chad Gardner said...

That's cool that they're doing that. Sorry to see that my home county (pike) is losing it though!

snowenthusiast said...

Camp Robinson wildfire is making it smell like smoke in Sherwood. I can see the smoke coming from it at my house

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