Saturday, October 09, 2010

Witnessing Weather History

It's just a another in a long string of broken records.  Saturday marks the 116th time this year Little Rock has reached 90 degrees.  Sunday will make it 117.  Weather records in Little Rock date back to 1879 so this is obviously very impressive.

I'm watching two more records which could be broken.  Saturday is day number 28 without any measurable rainfall in Little Rock.  If we reach 32, we will break into the top 10 longest dry periods in weather history.

If we receive about 10 inches or less of rainfall through the end of the year, we will have one of the top 10 driest years in Little Rock weather history.  This is quite remarkable considering last year (2009) was the wettest year in Little Rock.

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tammy boyce said...

I washed my car yesterday so hopefully that will help.

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