Thursday, October 21, 2010

NOAA Winter Forecast vs. Meteorologist Joe Bastardi

There are a few small differences between the winter forecast released by NOAA Thursday and the one issued by meteorologist Joe Bastardi.

The winter will be dominated by a significant La Nina pattern which is a cooling of the water in the equatorial Pacific.  The last time we saw this was the winter of 2007-2008.  If we see conditions similar to that year, we can expect an early start to the severe weather season.

Below are graphics from NOAA and I'm re posting the exclusive interview with Joe Bastardi which was done in early August.  Enjoy!

Winter Temperature Forecast from NOAA
Winter Precipitation Forecast from NOAA.



Hello Everyone, I know alot of people look at both of those outlooks & say wow!! I guess no winter for us this year."Not So Fast My Friend" Yes, When winter is all said & done those predictions may be close. You have to remember that is the overall average. You could still have some cold arctic outbreaks & severe winter storms that rivals many years.But, in between those times have much above average temps & guess what NOAA & JB nailed there forecast.So by no means dont get down on this winter.. We shall See.. Bob

Amy said...

Thanks, Snowbird!! A winter with no snow to look forward to winter at all!!I'm hoping the Farmer's Almanac forecast is on target! How accurate was NOAA last year??

Anonymous said...

How accurate is the farmer's almanac compared to the NOAA?