Saturday, November 13, 2010

Getting Into The Holiday Spirit... Early

Not much going on with the weather so let's have some fun. Vote for your favorite dance on the right side of the page.  These dances star me, WeatherNinja, and WeatherClipper!

DANCE A  (The 80s)

DANCE B  (Hip Hop)

DANCE C  (Country)

DANCE D (Disco)

Dance E (Surfing)


jimmylee42 said...

Those were a lot of fun to watch. Ninja, it looked like your neck was separating from your body, but what the hey. For favorite I wanted to vote Hip Hop,but my wife made me vote disco.

Anonymous said...

Hip hop!
And, was 54 your forecasted low for tonight or was that a misprint?? I see natl weather has 38 and it's already 51 degrees. Just wondering if you missed it that badly?!

tammy boyce said...

Too much awesomeness for one page!! My fav was the surfing...I shouldn't really have to explain why!! Loved it. You guys are too much!!!

Anonymous said...

the first one was the best definately.

Anonymous said...

hey guys i dont see any cold air with winter wather for ark any where in the future does anyone see any potential out there.


Hello Everyone, Hey, Those Elf videos were so funny.Well, Taking a look ahead the two long-range computer models are flip flopping like a fish out of water, To be honest I don't think they have a clue.Taking a look at the NAO which heading strongly Negative,The AO is heading strongly negative,& The PNA is heading toward Neutral-Positve, I would say that is signs of a major trough across the Central United States around 10 days from now,according to some past cold periods.Starting this week, we should see a glancing blow from the cold air entering the Northern Plains as it heads east.To me that should set the stage for the Polar Vortex to strenthen.Also, I beleive both the GFS & EURO are dumping the trough to far west, What I beleive should happen you will see a lessor western trough allowing more of a central trough.Then as we head into Thanksgiving week, that's when I beleive we will see a turn to a much colder period,Both the EURO & GFS are hinting at a storm system for our neck of the woods, That's when I beleive someone could see some wintry weather. Still a ways out.. We Shall See..

Anonymous said...

Hope your right snowbird! But no severe weather before it! Maybe we can keep it dry enough before it so we won't! Then have a over running effect after! LOL! just no Ice then! HA I'm never happy!

The Weather Fanatic said...

Wow, some of those close ups are scary looking! LOL..I am a hip hop/80's guy (just ask Clipper about Thriller!) so I will go with Hip Hop.

I'm sure that I'll be next..