Monday, November 15, 2010

Video Weather Discussion

1 PM Tuesday Update... the cold area of low pressure moved across the state this morning and produced a rain/snow mix for awhile across Van Buren county.  Interesting how the GFS did pick up on this yesterday.   There will be more fun and games over the next couple of weeks.

I'll have a new post soon.



Anonymous said...

great discussion todd. thats why i think u are the best meteoroligist in ark. u explain whats coming down the road like no other around here great job i look forward to more on this maybe cold snap in the longrange

jimmylee42 said...

Todd-I liked the video chat and think that is a good mix to do sometimes when you don't do a printed post. We had a little over an inch last night in WLR. It was a nice slow rain that soaked in the ground nicely.

Ninja posted about the big dumping,9.4 inches, that LR received 130 years ago. I think the record low temperature for November was set at the same time. Probably helped by the deep snow cover and an oscillating Artic vortex.

Anonymous said...

Any changes in the long range today? An update would be awesome! Praying for a cold down for thanksgiving with no severe weather before! That would pretty good! Thanks!

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