Thursday, February 17, 2011

Unsettled Weather Brings A Temperature Roller Coaster

Now that we are acclimated to 70 degree weather, let's take it the other direction.  No, it's not going to be as cold as January and the first half of this month, but we will see some significant swings with our temperature over the next several days.

We're watching a front which should only bring a few rain showers and maybe a rumble of thunder Monday.  Until then, readings will make it into the 60s and 70s.  Once the front passes, the roller coaster will take temperatures back down with highs in the 40s and 50s across the state.  A new system will approach by the end of next week.  Ahead of it, readings will once again go up.  The two main models are disagreeing on how to handle this new storm system.  With it a week away, this is to be expected.

Next week is severe weather awareness week.  Last week, I sent out a tweet about tornado fatalities over the last two years.  According to John Robinson with the National Weather service in North Little Rock, all those who have died in tornadoes over the last two years were older than 60.  So I'm asking you why and how this can be changed?  It's easy to make assumptions, but they aren't always correct.  I thought it would be interesting to get your ideas and maybe we can change this statistic as we go into severe weather season.


jimmylee42 said...

Just looked at a webcam at Porcupine Lodge in the UP of Michigan. They are down to about 10 inches of snowpack. That's the lowest they have been since late November. The deepest that I saw there this winter was about 26 inches. Ironwood Michigan, which is only a few miles away, recorded 60 degrees yesterday which is only 2 degrees away from the all time high for February.

Going with the roller coaster finish to this winter I wouldn't be surprised to see a big snow somewhere in Arkansas. Not sure central areas would be a part of that, but it could happen. I remember some big snows around the middle of March in north central Arkansas and folks in Harrison could tell of one on St. Patrick's Day that fell at the rate of over 4 inches an hour.

Anonymous said...

Is there any possibility that this future cold front could lead to severe weather anytime soon as long as it doesn't affect anybody of corse because I am sick of winter weather . At least severe weather doesn't shut down everything for three days and get cabin fever for not being able to drive anywhere.

Unknown said...


I know you probably don't know the answers, but it would be interesting to know more details about the deaths in the last few years. Other factors around the deaths may be more telling.

-Where in Arkansas were they? (Rural issues)
-Were their tornado sirens in their area and if so could they actually hear them?
-Were the people already in poor health? (other contributing factors)
-Did they have access to TV and other Media? (a good warning system)
-What time were the tornadoes? (night time can be more deadly)

just some random thoughts


jimmylee42 said...

Just looked at the USGS web site and the list of 2.5 and greater list of quakes in the world since beginning of Feb 16th. Hello! Arkansas has had more quakes,25 to be exact, in the 2.5 range and over than any other location in the world.

Anonymous said...

This weather is very boring were gona have plenty of time in the summer for hot humid stinky weather. i heard something early this week about a major cold front late next week looks like bird man has backed off to oh well.

Snowbird Bob said...

Nope! Bird Man has not backed off lol.. I still beleive the period of Feb. 25 - March 5 will be very active, with storms running wild..& Much Colder...The big question is will it be more wet than wintry..Still plenty of time to watch that...I dont think that some parts of Ark has seen their last flakes flying yet...There is going to be alot of sneaky low level cold air to play around with...I do think after the 1st week of March were done with Winter until next fall..But the only one that knows that is GOD...Oh, here comes the 1st step-down early this week high's in the 30's & 40's for early week, how about that for a change...What comes next is yet to be seen...But our wintry days are limited day by day :(...But until we say farewell until next fall...The ones that dont want winter to leave..Let's enjoy the next 2 weeks..See ya

Michael Hook said...

Just curious: Do you think we have a spending problem in Washington and if you do and needed to make cuts, which area and dept would you cut?

Not really a weather topic but just wondering with all the ideas out there what is valued and what is fluff?

Looking forward to your ideas?

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