Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Moderate and High Risk for Severe Weather Today

8:30 PM Wednesday Update... THANKS for coming to the Arkansas weather blog today.  We had more than 20,000 hits Wednesday.   Now for some better weather!  I'll have a new post soon!


This is it!  After this round of severe weather later today, we'll get a break and we deserve it.  I think this round of severe will be worst across central to northeast Arkansas today.  Our storm chasers will be in it and streaming live here on the blog and on the air if we must interrupt programming.

Here's some model data explaining the situation

NAM shows high levels of CAPE (Convective Available Potential Energy) across much of the southeastern half of the state.  This represents the warm and moist air making the air boyant... unstable.  These levels will add to the severity of the storms.
Those storms which develop will be able to tap into spin which will cause them to rotate from central sections to the NE.  The yellow and orange colors show where that is the highest.
This index combines the two above and shows the area favored for supercells which could produce tornadoes.  It's called the EHI... Energy Helicity Index.  It shows the highest levels in the central AR area to the NE.

SPC issues a moderate and high risk for the state.
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