Thursday, May 26, 2011

Storm Wrap Up and What's Ahead



I can't thank you enough for coming to the blog for your weather information.  We generated more than 21 thousand hits Wednesday afternoon alone.  We should all give BIG thanks to the Weatherninja, ChaserErich, Paul The Wxguru, and Chad Gardner for chasing and streaming live video here on the Arkansas Weather Blog.  They drove hundreds of miles in Oklahoma and Arkansas over the past couple of days giving us fantastic reports.  We even saw a live tornado from some of our other chasers south of Augusta.  It's incredible we got through the day without any deaths!

While those guys are awesome, I'm so lucky to have an understanding wife who allows me to devote so much time to the blog, twitter, facebook, and then there's my job at the station.

Thankfully we're about to enter into a very quiet, but hot period as a ridge of high pressure builds into the region and cranks up mother nature's furnace.  This is going quickly to a summertime pattern, which I'll not complain about!  "Quiet" is what we need.

I'll have the 2011 Summer contest numbers on the blog soon... I PROMISE.  Below are pics and video of the Wednesday storms and a map explaining the hot period coming.

Oil Trough tornado

Amazing picture of Mammatus clouds late Wednesday afternoon
More mammatus
500 mb pattern Sunday from the GFS showing a trough of low pressure across the west and a ridge for the central and east.  Storms will be deflected to the north.  Then will keep Arkansas hot and humid with highs in the lower 90s by next week.


besnini said...

You do have a wonderful wife.... you should get her a big bouquet of flowers to thank her for being so understanding.

Snowbird Bob said...

Hello Everyone, Hope all is well with you all. I have said it & I will say it again, YOU WILL NOT FIND A BLOG OR SITE better than the Arkansas Weather Blog! This site has really exploided over the last year! I know, back 10-15 years ago, I would have given my right arm to have this much in-dept & info of the weather.. Now, I see Todd has added a Facebook link to the site, Arkansas is covered from every corner of the state for all the extreme weather, I even got people down here in West Monroe & Monroe, Shreveport, LA following the site, They think its great. My hat's goes off to Weather Ninja & the gang of storm chasers, That takes some kind of dedication to do what they do.. Trust me, I know, I do it every Winter Season, I travel 1,000's of miles just to try to find the Snow Storm sweet spots. Anyway, I probably wouldn't give my right arm lol.. & Johnnie Klein if your prediction is right this could be an historic summer for the state of Arkansas, But anyones guess is as good as mine..I do think the South will be effected by several Tropical systems this season, We have been fortunate over the last several years, but the odds are there.. We Shall See..

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