Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Blast of Fall Air Coming

For all of you in the summer contest who did not win, the "WeatherNinja" wants me to give away the prizes he won.  I will draw for two winners.  The prize package will be 2 Golden Corral tickets and a blog shirt for each winner. Stay tuned for this!  Thanks WeatherNinja!

Now onto the HUGE weather story this week.  As I said over and over last weekend on the air, this week will feature a temperature roller coaster with highs in the 90s then in the 70s.  Lo and behold, the NAM wants to make it even cooler with readings not getting out of the 60s Thursday.  A very strong early season front will bring an October chill in September.  As far as rain, I really don't see much of that.  I do think plenty of cloud cover and an easterly wind behind the front will bring an extra chill to the air.  The only thing missing will be leaves changing colors, but that won't be too long from now. I don't think we'll be able to get into record low territory due to the expected cloudy skies.  This will not allow overnight lows to drop too much, but those clouds will keep highs even cooler.  Temperatures will begin to moderate as we go into the weekend and the cool, Canadian area of high pressure moves away.

Below are maps from the overnight run of the NAM

Tuesday high temperatures look very warm to hot.  We should hit the 90s while Texas bakes once again in the 100s.  Cooler air to the north starts to push into the United States.
Wednesday still looks warm with 80s and 90s across the state.  The leading edge of the cool air is poised to move into Arkansas.  There will be nearly a 50-60 degree difference between summer in Texas and 40s along the front range of the Rockies in Colorado and Wyoming.  The seasons are changing!

By Thursday, the very cool air is entrenched in Arkansas with readings only making it into the 60s and 70s for highs and plenty of clouds.  The 100s are gone in Texas with the remaining summer air pressed along the Gulf Coast States.
More cool air on Friday is expected, but as the high shifts to the east, a return flow will try to move that warm air along the coast back to the north by this weekend.


WinterLover said...

Hi Todd,
I was wondering, could you make an Arkansas Weather Blog Facebook page? And make it very similar if not just like the actual blog? While this may seem silly, I think it would help the blog gain more views, awareness, and involvement. I can understand if you don't want to... If you think it'd just be another thing to keep up. But I thought I would just suggest it. I think it would be great!

Jason H said...

Looks like we are getting into the Fall cool air/warm air battle season. Cool this week, but looks like the heater cranks up again 22nd-26th? I am ready for middle October weather!

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