Monday, November 21, 2011

More Rain Through Tuesday

We shattered a daily rainfall record already with more than 5'' and there's more on the way.  Over the past week, Little Rock has had more than 10'' of rain.

In the video, I look at hi resolution model data through Tuesday morning as more wet weather will move across the state.  Also, I'll have a new blog post soon about the possibility of cold air next week.

Don't forget to get your entries in the winter weather contest.  To find out more, the information is 2 blog posts down.

Stay dry!


Anonymous said...

You guys have just told us to not take I-30 or come home I -30, but you are not given an alternate route. I think it would be great if you guys could guide us to different routes that you all have checked out and know are a clear option to drive. Not just today, but during the wntery mix days as well as the flood days. In Dallas,TX they were constantly letting us know what is a good alternate route. Unless there is none and if that is the case then the Highway Dept here needs to raise the highway where there are creeks, curves, traps for bad weather shut downs on I-30. Because that I know,I-30 is the only thoroughfare into and out of Little Rock, AR.....Can you advise a new arkansian.

Anonymous said...

Good to know we're getting a healthy amount of rain.

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