Friday, December 30, 2011

Mission Accomplished!


I'm going to take a break talking about the weather for this blog post.  How many people can say they lost 10.75 pounds during the Holidays?  I proudly can claim that!  I have been working out at the gym for at least the last 4 years.  I mostly do the circuit room along with some cardio.  One day shortly before Thanksgiving, I was in the circuit room at Powerhouse gym and owner, Jeff Lawrence, approached me with a challenge.  He said, let's tone you up and lose 10 pounds over the next month starting the Monday after Thanksgiving.  I cautiously said yes knowing that I would have to give up all those Holiday goodies that are so tempting.

That Monday, I weighed in at 178.5 pounds.  Jeff put me through a series of workouts that made me quickly realize I was not in the shape I thought I was in! Over time, your technique can become sloppy when working on some of the machines.  He helped fine tune that along with my diet.  I tried to eat 4-5 times a day.  They were smaller, but smarter meals loaded with fish and chicken along with vegetables. Breakfast usually consisted of 2 eggs, Ezekiel Bread and Oatmeal.  I would throw in a banana or an orange every now and then as well.  I also increased my water intake tremendously.

Over the course of the past month, I went off my diet 3 times: The KATV Christmas party, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.  So you can STILL lose weight and eat those "bad things" every now and then as long as you stick to the diet as much as possible and work out 4-6 times a week.  Today (Friday) I weighed in at 167.75 pounds! Mission accomplished!

Am I done?  Heck no! Sully has aired a couple "toning Todd" segments during his sportscast and I think he'll be out there again next week so watch his sports.  I want to maintain and add a little more tone.  Thanks to Jeff at Powerhouse, I feel better, my clothes fit better, and I have noticed I have more energy.  You know you need that when you have a little one running around and another baby on the way any day now!

Jeff shot this video below with my phone.  No pain, no gain right?


Anonymous said...

Although this has no relevance to this post, looking at the 7 day forecast makes me sick. Warm temperatures, slight cool down, then warm temperatures again?? Really? Looking at Minnesota on the interactive radar makes me so jealous :(

SnowbirdBob said...

Hello Everyone, Todd, good job with the workouts..It takes some hard work!..Ok, back to the weather..I know many of you read my long-range outlook for 11/12 Winter, Well, it hasnt turned out to well..But, I may not be completely wrong in the end..Yes, the weather is Boring!..& No we havent had a rough winter at all SO FAR!! But, With all this warm boring weather, You will get paid before its all said & Done..Just take the Summer time for example,You may have a mild summer with high's mostly in the 80's & lower 90's & say well we have had a cool summer so far, But, 95% of the time Summer will hit you in the face with a Very Hot! Spell, It maybe short lived but Extreme..So, This What winter I know..We will pay sometime between Jan.10-March 20th...Could it just be a couple of Harsh Short Arctic Cold spells with wind driven snow & record low's YES! But, I would rather have 1 or 2 Big Winter episodes than a long boring cool winter with the words" Its just not cold enough or If it were only 10 degrees cooler..I would rather have a foot of snow with temps in the teens & 20's for a few days, then warmer weather than Boring cool damp weather all winter long.. So, I am still saying we will have a 20 year Cold Spell coming up before its all said & done, & Yes, I see 1 or 2 Winter Storms also for this winter..So everybody hang in there be patient & wait..Our time will come..We have been spoiled these last 2 winters..
Happy New Year Everyone
God Bless

SnowbirdBob said...

Just a few comments here today..Enjoy the first half of Jan. while I dont think it will be warm but what is waiting ahead of us could be extreme..I have researched the 1899,1983,1985 Arctic Outbreaks closely, I know this may be going to the extreme but the closest one to this current pattern is the Feb.1899 Arctic Outbreak..No!, I am not saying we will hit that kind of Cold for us..If you take a look at the 2-3 week upper air pattern that lead to the 1899 Arctic Outbreak & Then look at all the Long-Range computer models "Its Scary Similar" First you have to get Alaska & Canada Frigid Ok, That is currently happening now! The next thing get the Blocking & yes, that will be happening over the next 2-3 weeks, Then you get these strong anti-cyclones(area of Low pressures) riding along the leading edge of the Arctic Air,Each one brings the Arctic air further south as they pass,They also bring the Frigid air south fast, One thing I noticed on the 1899 Outbreak, you have to have these anti-cyclone lined up to keep tapping the cold air,Oh, I left out one two other things,snowcover to our north & Major High Pressures building into Alaska & North-West & North Central Canada, Which is likley to occur..Ok, now take a look at the last 4 runs of the GFS & EURO & Its Esembles..What do you see happening over the next 2-3 weeks, Yes, Frigid Artic Air Building, Major High Pressures Building, & Most IMPORTANT..Anti-Cyclones training along the Arctic boundary..So,I am just putting this out there now..I am saying watch out mode for severe arctic cold & snow Jan. 15 - Feb.15, Could this Rival 1899,1983,1985,1989...YES! Do, I think it will yes, I have been saying this since Sept. Watch out for a 20 year Cold shot, but, I maybe saying Watch Out for a 101 Year Cold Shot :/...Only time will tell...We Shall See?? :)

Bob Read AKA"SnowbirdBob"

Anonymous said...

Wow.. I walk outside in this "nice" 69 degree weather and I actually felt HOT with the sun shining on me! But thankfully the clouds blocked it on my walk to my house. Then it was mild again.

SnowbirdBob said...


Those who have read my last post above, Please disregard the anti-cyclone part, I got confused..LOL its been 8 years since I have been in school & I am currenty a small Business owner as my day job..LOL

Anti-Cyclones rotate clockwise in the Northern Hemiphere..Thanks to The One & Only The Weather Ninja for correcting me..Thanks Ninja

The Point I was trying to make, I am looking for a Arctic Outbreak & Much Colder conditions in the Jan.15-Feb.15 Time-Frame..We Shall See :)
Happy New Year!!

JasonBHampton said...

Sure do hope so SNOWBIRDBOB, but our window for Winter Cold/Snow is slowly closing on us. I just dont feel like we will see anything wintry for at least the next couple weeks, yes a few Cold shots from time to time, but thats about it. With AO just now going negative I really feel like we have to give it time for the COLD to "settle in" first, and when/if it does then look out! I will still go with our 1st Winter storm "since I missed my 1st" around the 25-31 and with the warmer than avg Winter we have had lately I will say our first real storm will be alot of Ice somewhere in the South around that time. The coldest air of the season will follow the storm from Feb 1st-5th. Feel like after our chance of Winter weather/Cold we could be in store for a very wet/stormy mid/late Feb???

Anonymous said...

This mild winter feels alot like the winter of 2008 when when we had that big tornado outbreak in February . Tornado storm chasing by early February or late January??
Thats what feels like right now outside!!!!

This mild winter is better than the last two winters for central Arkansas or last three winters including the ice storm of 2009 for Northwest Arkansas.We need a mild winter like this so people can help rebuild streets and homes for the state Arkansas after the tornadoes and floods that tore up the state this past year.

snowfreak15 said...

what is up with the gfs. at 00z there is a nice snow for arkansas on friday. then at 06z its nowhere to be found

NOAA Winter Guidance