Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Very Active Weather Ahead

Cold, ice, snow, and storms... it's ALL possible over the next week.  Winter and spring could collide and take us on a wild ride starting Friday into next Wednesday and possibly beyond.  The video below explains the chances for any wintry weather and thunderstorms to follow.  This is all in the long range so remember my disclaimer... THIS CAN AND WILL CHANGE.  So stay tuned!



Anonymous said...

My Top Ten reasons we won't get winter weather this year:

#10. I bought a new winter coat. (Tags are still on it)

#9. I bought my 11 year old a new snow sled.

#8. The swans who winter on our lake have already gone home. (this usually doesn't happen until March)

#7. My dog seems to be shedding his winter coat already.

#6. Most long range models show the 540 line staying pretty consistently up around the Canadian border.

#5. The ground is too warm and mushy. With no appreciable cold in place beforehand, anything that fell would just melt.

#4. The days are getting too long and the angle of the sun too high.

#3. Last years hats, mittens, scarves and thermal underwear are all still in their storage boxes.

#2. It's felt like spring outside all winter.

And the number one reason we'll get no snow this year:


Oh well, I hate to sound like the female version of Hugh, but I have been on pins and needles all winter waiting for the "big one". I have come to the realization that it's just not coming. I'm letting go of the rope. I'll be happy to eat my words if the impossible happens this late in the year.....Now I'm going to get my mind set on severe weather/tornado season and hope that it's as mild as our winter...

Au revoir, winter!

Susan in Heber.......

Anonymous said...

Hugh was right all this time a while back! It's true! Worst winter we've ever had in my experience.

J.Betnar said...

I think this is just a little taste of winter. Not much snow, but a mix. Nasty mix too! This will probably be the only taste of winter we get :-(

Anonymous said...

It *can* still happen, I seem to recall a snowy Easter as a child. It didn't last all day but it did last to about noon. Nice surprise though it was rough hunting those eggs.