Tuesday, February 07, 2012

An Arkansas Slushy Next Week???

I like to use the term "Arkansas Slushy" when all different types of precipitation could be in the forecast.  Yes, I'm talking about snow, sleet, freezing rain, and plain rain.  The European model continues to show something wintry on the horizon next week while other models do not.  For all of you snow lovers, including me, our hope is winding down as winter enters its last weeks.  We gotta get something in here soon.  While I may be accused by some of "wishcasting", that's fine.  I'm trying to get some snow out of this winter anyway I can.

It's only Tuesday, so this can and WILL change a lot!!!!!!!!!  So just sit back and enjoy the video.  We'll see how this plays out together.



E.T. said...

Todd u did it again. Nice job explaining the models and what they mean. No one i mean no one in ark would take time to do that. Another reason i say you are the king of meterologists in arkansa.

Joycee said...

I love your style of wishcasting but the difference, you back it up with video data! This time last year we were getting ready for this...http://grannymountain.blogspot.com/2011/02/i-have-to-interrupt-todays-blog-to-let.html

Anonymous said...

You are enthusiastic if nothing else. ha ha ha. Love the wishcast. I hate the cold, but if it has to be cold, I WANT SNOW!!!
Thanks Todd!

Anonymous said...

I recently realized that the reason NW Arkansas is blessed with colder temperatures is higher elevations, interestingly enough.

NOAA Winter Guidance