Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Video Blog Discussing Tue PM/Wed & Fri Storms


7AM Wednesday Update... MAJOR battle in contest #2 which we thought could end this Wednesday morning.  Remember, we are using the low temperature at the North Little Rock airport.  Here's the catch... the low may NOT be reached until just before midnight tonight as the cold front comes through.  Right now, the models are projecting temperatures before midnight in the low to mid 50s.  If the temperature is 48 degrees or lower just before midnight, the winner will be Amy Braswell.  If the temperature is 49 degrees or higher, then the winner is Paula Cunningham

Here's how the numbers stack up.

As of Tuesday, the total degrees are 3501.
Amy Braswell guessed 3498
Paula Cunningham guessed 3550

Remember, it's the person closest WITHOUT going over.

Contest #1 will continue through the end of March!

The video below discusses the next 2 weather events.  Tuesday night/Wednesday AM and Friday.  There's also a slight chance for a few storms across southeastern Arkansas Wednesday afternoon. Thanks for making the Arkansas Weather Blog your source for detailed and in depth weather information.  Stay safe!


Omarr Wilson said...

On Friday If the Models speed this up. Then it would be coming in later in the Afternoon. Not Good. We shall see. As far as tonight. I'm quite pessimistic But it's Bipolar Arkansas Weather so You never Know. I will be on the Ready though.!

jimmylee42 said...

Noticed a very interesting fact when looking at the record we set today that broke the 1932 high of 78. Today was 82. In March of 1932 after that there were 6 cold weather records broken that still stand today. Another fact from the NWS caught my eye. January of 1918 was the coldest January in LR weather history and also holds the record for all time snow depth, days with 1 inch of snow on the ground, coldest temp ever in Jan for LR with -8 degrees. After the snow finally melted that winter in February the all time record for high temp was broken for Feb with 87 degrees. I find that there seems to be many cases that are quite amazing where the "rollercoaster" effect can be demonstrated. We will see if we get a strong cold surge sometime in March.

NOAA Winter Guidance