Monday, February 27, 2012

Late Tuesday Trouble and Friday Storms

Here's a video update for you discussing two system which will have an impact on our weather over the next few days.  We told you to expect and early and active severe weather season and unfortunately that is playing out as we end February.


2 PM Tuesday update... I'll have more later on the chance for storms tonight.  Right now let's track winter contest #2 as it ends Wednesday morning.  As of Tuesday morning, the number is 3445.  With a forecast low around 60 degrees tonight for the North Little Rock airport, that means we could end contest #2 around 3505.  Using "Price Is Right" rules, Amy Braswell, stands a good chance for winning with her guess of  3498.

Remember, it's the person closest WITHOUT going over.

Contest #1 will continue through the end of March!

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