Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Arkansas Dust Storm & Rain Wrap Up


I told you some people would be happy with me because they got rain while others would be mad because they didn't.  Is it possible to be mad at yourself?  I have had a total of about .03'' of an inch and when I looked at the radar this Tuesday morning, it made me sick.  There's literally a bubble right over portions of central Arkansas including my house. Uggghhhhhhhhhhhhh.  Oh, and the rain didn't start in Amity until after midnight so the puppy won't be named after me.

All fun aside, the rain got out of hand in some places. Radar estimated more than 6'' in eastern Montgomery county.  That's kinda weird considering two years ago, radar estimated that much rain in the western portion of that county when Albert Pike flooded.

While all the rain moved in Monday, it kicked up a ton of dust ahead of the storms and caused a mini dust storm for many sections of eastern Arkansas.  Check out the amazing pictures below sent in to us.  There were even some reports the dust was so thick, people had to pull over to the side of the road due to visibilities being reduced to zero.

Remember, you can always send your pictures and video to photo@katv.com. 

These pictures are courtesy of Natalye Chudy of Slovak, AR 

Dust reducing visibility to just a few yards in Slovak
Winds ahead of the storms kicked up a ton of dust created from the drought
Ominous looking clouds with a brown tint due to all the dust
The early Tuesday morning radar image which made me sick.  Look at the hole on the radar. Ugghhhhh

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jimmylee42 said...


We got a lucky shower in WLR St. Charles. .65 inch in the bucket. We will take that, especially since many around the LR met got less.

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